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United States of America, also called as USA is a country where aspirations meet opportunities. USA was formed in the 15th century by immigrants from Western Europe. USA has experienced immigration of people, culture, values and ideas from all over the world during the last few centuries. USA is a combination of innovation in different fields like science, technology, business and education. People have equal opportunity in America and people who work hard enough do get successful in USA.

USA is the most powerful country in the world which is also nurturing world class institutions which provide learning opportunities to thousands of International students. When it comes to number of students, USA tops the chart as a destination for students interested in studying abroad.


The USA is one of the most vibrant societies of the modern times. USA is having a cosmopolitan culture and one can find people from all the parts of the world in USA. One can find people from all the religious background and ethnicity. Official language of USA is American English and Spanish is the second most spoken language. Americans are welcoming and warm people and also there is a huge South Asian population settled in USA. Number of Indians living in USA is very high as Indians fit in very well in USA because of their prior knowledge of English. It is not very difficult to find Indian groceries, restaurants and store in cities like Austin, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles etc.