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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is more commonly known as The UK. Great Britain is not an individual entity and it in turn comprises of England, Scotland, Wales, and St George’s Channel, and the Irish Sea. The records of history lineate that Britain has been the oldest monarchy and has also stood as a world power for long. It acquired huge parts of Asia and Africa as its colonies to be ruled over. Even after the end of the colonial rules, the Queen still is the head of many Commonwealth countries. Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy i.e. the sovereign is the head of the state while the actual power is vested in the elected parliament.

UK displays a fascinating array of historical as well as cultural shades. The presence of unavoidable cultural boisterousness is supported by the wonderful heritage of centuries. The history of colonialism by Britain in one way or the other indicates the fact that the cultural inclination of Britain is very pluralistic. This forms a commendable and indeed a favourable base for the international students to come and explore this relatively tiny island. Birthplace of Newton, Darwin, Shakespeare, Bertrand Russell, J K Rowling, Charles Babbage and the Beatles, the UK has enough in store for everyone.

One finds truly praiseworthy mix of both rural as well as urban experiences, ranging from magnificent landscapes and picturesque countryside to bustling cities. UK is a home to one of the world’s largest financial capitals, hundreds of musical bands and theatres, sporty and adventurous and the multicultural environment and an abode to diverse cuisines from all over the world.