New Zealand (or Aotearoa – land of the long white cloud) is located to the southeast of Australia. Yet another name for this country is the Kiwi Land and it is certainly one of the most charming and picturesque places. A view of its geography shows that it contains two main land masses that is the North and South Islands as well as several smaller islands. Today this thriving nation attracts tourists, students, immigrants and business from all over the planet. The country hides within its boundary some of the world’s most magnificent landscapes, from vast mountain ranges, steaming volcanoes to sweeping coastlines.

New Zealand has a mild and temperate maritime climate, one of the most pleasant climates to live in The level of rainfall however varies from region to region making the geographical landscape diverse. New Zealand was one of the last countries to be settled in. This is the reason for a variegated and unique range of flora and fauna. The native animal, bird and plant species are among some of the most beautiful in the world.

Maori were the original inhabitants of New Zealand; though the cities now are more of cosmopolitan in nature. The influence of the growing immigrants from other countries such as Asia, North America and the Pacific is contributing significantly to making New Zealand multicultural. The country is known for the ubiquitous environmental consciousness and sense of social equality. New Zealand is , no doubt, a welcoming land for thrill seekers and adventurers and those who simply want to visit for the culture and landscapes