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The cutting edge technology and great innovation driven companies make Germany tech savvy country. Brands such as BMW, Siemens, SAP, Bosch, etc. are the indications hinting to the advanced level technological expansion Germany has achieved till date. Other than this Germany is one of the most advanced economies in the world supported by great system of education, healthcare, social security and a fascinating history. Germany is a home to the largest population amongst the member states of EU, hosting about 82 millions. Germany is a federation with 16 federal units each with its own constitution, parliament and government.

Germany has varied geographical diversity ranging from the high Alps in the south to Baltic Sea in the north. The temperate climate can be found with mild winters and cool summers; even though the eastern part of the country can be extremely cold in winters.

Still carrying the glories from the past, Germany continues to hold the cultural and intellectual zeal of the nation high. It is sometimes referred to as the land of poet and thinkers. Even in the age of social media, Germany boasts of 240 subsidized theatres, hundreds of orchestra for symphony, thousands of museums and public libraries spread across the country. The land of Beethoven, Germany has embedded symphony and orchestra in the nerves of its culture. The society in general has an egalitarian outlook with equal rights for both genders and high concern for disability rights. The country also holds a changed attitude towards immigration since the 1990s.