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Situated to the north of US, Canada is one of the world’s top trading nations – and one of its richest. It is the world’s second largest country by surface but holds comparatively lesser population. Canada showcases diversity not just in terms of landscapes but the same diversity lies in culture and ethnicity as well. The most prominent reason of Canada being one of the most attractive destinations for foreigners including Indians is their liberal immigration policy. It remains one of the top favourite places for studying as well as working.

Even though the service sector plays a dominant role in the economy, the primary sectors like logging and oil exploration do make a significant contribution. Apart from these Canada does well in manufacturing sectors like automobile and aircraft industries.

Canada maintains remarkable position in many parameters of social developments; covering aspects such as access to primary and higher education, healthcare, basic infrastructure. This is the reason why the quality of life offered there is considered one of the best. Indian population (referred to as East Indian in Canada) numbers reach to around 1.3 million in the country spread across big cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Mississauga. It is very likely to meet software engineers and tax consultants of Indian origin in Canadian companies.

Canada hosts one of the most aware and environmentally inclined population. The country offers a soothing environment full of forest covers, natural lakes, mountains and green pastures. Canada is well known for its peaceful social environment and safety of the citizens. Not only this the authorities of the university make it their priority to ensure safety of the international students on campus and valuable pieces of advice are even offered for personal and property security and social code of conduct.

As a matter of fact, Indians are quite known for their expertise in the fields of science, technology and innovations. Canada is growing by leaps and bounds today in terms of technology and Indians are an effective contributor in the spheres of research, innovations and entrepreneurship.