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Education System in the USA

Education System in the USA

The United States boasts of almost 4500 colleges, universities and community colleges spread across urban as well as rural areas. Quality of learning and research is very high in USA that attracts many international students to study there. Most of the universities in the top 500 list of the world are from USA; hence these world class institutions have built their reputation and trust among Indian as well as other International students. American institutions have built their reputation based on their fortes of academic excellence, cultural diversity, opportunity to gain perspectives from all over the world, excellent support for international students, ground breaking research in every field, ample opportunities for extracurricular activities through fraternities and clubs, and generous scholarship offers.

Students can choose from large public research universities or smaller liberal arts colleges, students can pick from a wide range of choices for undergraduate, graduate or professional education. Various options for degrees in professional courses like law, medicine, technology, pharmacy and business are available. .


USA remains the largest economy in the world and is having one of the highest GDP per capita, despite the economic slump that started towards the end of the last decade. There are ample job opportunities for hard working people in all major private, public and nonprofit sectors. Internship, co-operative education ( Co-op ) and Optional Practical Training ( OPT ) options are available for students for having a nice industrial experience.

American institutes also provide different services which help students in their job search, tips and tricks on applications, interviews and alumni networking. Current improving ties between USA and India make USA much more preferable destination for Indian students.