The true wealth of any country reflects in the education system and Russia pay due attention to the field. This is the reason why Russia has the world’s highest literacy rate. The country offers the students, national and international, great learning experience. It is not just the quality of education that is above par but also the prestige, affordability and recognition that is tagged alone with the courses.

The level and pattern of teaching in Russia is no less in comparison than the best universities of the world. The majority of institutes here impart education to students in small groups, so that individual attention can be provided to each and every student. Another factor contributing positively to studying in Russia is its fee structure which is practically lower than the course fee of other prominent countries. .

The medical and technical universities of Russia have a carved a niche for themselves by being counted among top 100 medical universities of the world.

The study of international students at Russian state universities is subsidized by the Russian government by 50%. This stands as one of the reasons for attracting international students from many countries including India.