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Education in UK

Education in UK

The system of education makes it compulsory for the children between the age of five and sixteen to receive education, due to which UK is one of the most educated nations in the world. It is the higher education in UK that catches most of the attention from international students. Students from many countries also go to colleges and universities in the UK for a semester or a term under Student exchange or study abroad programs. Providing abode to more than 150 universities, UK makes available almost every course and in no way falls short in helping you make your dream career. Some popular courses among Indian students studying in the UK are Accountancy, Business Management, Art and Architecture, Design, Tourism and Hotel Management, Engineering, Medicine and Biotechnology.

Critical thinking and student- centered learning opportunities are the hallmarks of British education. The universities maintain a higher quality of education through well-established system of external examiners and professional inspecting bodies. Apart from this students also get personal mentoring from academic advisers, tutors and learning resource centers. International students get special attention through various support schemes which address issues related to language skills and adapting to new culture and environment.

USA remains the largest economy in the world and is having one of the highest GDP per capita, despite the economic slump that started towards the end of the last decade. There are ample job opportunities for hard working people in all major private, public and nonprofit sectors. Internship, co-operative education ( Co-op ) and Optional Practical Training ( OPT ) options are available for students for having a nice industrial experience.