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Career Counseling

Planning about your higher education can be very confusing, time taking and stress giving. Especially when It comes to choosing an international university and a particular country it gets more harder. Generally students have questions like if studying overseas helpful? Which county should I go ahead with? Which university is having a better ranking for a particular course? Which all documents and tests are required for making an application to any particular course? Are there any chances of getting a scholarship? What is the process of getting visa for country of choice? How will the accommodation be managed? Will the course of choice reap good returns in future? How can the future be enjoyable? Sunshine Fortunes Education mentors you in choosing the right course which will help you in achieving your long term goals. Free counseling is being provided by our experts along with interview preparation, visa application support, pre and post departure services so that you can comfortably start the journey of your international education. After assessing your educational qualifications, reviewing your educational, professional and extra-curricular activities, we devise the strategies to ensure that the applications which we make for you get successful.

Exam preparation

We specialize in training students in exams like IELTS, GRE and GMAT. We make sure that our expert faculties train you according to your requirement so that you can achieve the required results in the first attempt itself. We have a good track record of achieving good results for our students.

Country selection

First step of becoming an international student is choosing a country of your choice. Our counselors provide you with the detailed information on the education system, future employment possibilities, people, weather, lifestyle and staying back options about different countries in the world. Our team considers your requirements and accordingly provides you with the choice of courses, universities and countries. We ensure that your duration of study will be comfortable so that you can totally focus on your education. We regularly keep in touch with you through emails for making your applications and providing all the relevant information to you.

Course selection

Our education experts scan your educational background and identify your future interests and targets and accordingly provide you with the list of courses which will provide you with better career prospects, skills and return on investment. Our team is having the latest information about all the courses and universities worldwide. You can visit our office or can get in touch with us over the phone for getting your counseling done.

Admission support

All universities have their own admission criteria, because of this students generally get confused about the admission procedure. People generally surf the internet for getting the right information about the admission process but they generally end up getting more confused. Our team helps the students with the customized information as per their choice of universities and courses. We assist students in getting into universities of their choice which best suits their profile. We keep ourselves updated about changing rules, regulations and criterion of the universities so that our application gets successful. We are having a very high acceptance rate.

Planning of finances

Sunshine Fortunes Education’s highly experienced financial advisors guide you regarding your cost of studying and living expenses. We help you in planning your funds for visa application. We know that education is the best investment so our team guides you accordingly about country and university as per your interest and long term goals. Our team also assists students for scholarship and educational loan for easing the load on them and their family.

Safety of our students

Generally families of the students get worried about their wards during their stay overseas. Hence we ensure that our students get placed into top ranking overseas universities or institutes which are located in safe countries like Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Germany, France, Singapore, Switzerland, Ireland, Malaysia, Dubai, Mauritius etc. It is very important that students are placed in safe environment as this helps them in focusing better in their studies and future.

Career Overseas

We ensure that our students get the right information about post study options in the country of their choice so that if they want they can stay back after their studies for gaining good amount of work experience. We give them the clear picture unlike many fraudulent consultants and agents who charge them hefty amount and promise them of getting a job after completion of studies. Hence we are one of the most genuine consultants you will come across as our team does not charge any service fees and provides you the quality service with right information.

Visa assistance

Different countries have different visa regulations because of their internal policies and security threats. Many countries also keep on changing their visa regulations constantly in order to fight against security threats. Our visa team comprises of highly experienced officials who have helped thousands of students in getting the visas successfully for different countries around the globe. Our visa success rates are very high and because of this we are the first choice of students for good ranking universities and most sought after destinations.

Support for accommodation

Finalizing an accommodation overseas can be very tiresome task as finding a good quality and affordable accommodation online which is within your budget can be difficult. Different countries have different options as per your budget. But ensuring that the option of your choice is properly placed is our responsibility. We make sure that the accommodation of your choice is not very far from your university, transportation facilities and market place as well. It is important to consider these points before finalizing the accommodation as same saves your travel time and also helps you in getting part time jobs. We have tie-ups with many accommodation providers and also our students who are already there will help you with their experience, proper guidance and support.

Travel assistance

Airfares keep on fluctuating every day for almost all the airlines because of competition in the market. It is important to know which airlines to choose and when to book the tickets so that you can gain most out of it by saving as much as possible. Our team provides you with the right information and helps you with your booking too. We believe that these steps will make you choose us in helping you in realizing your dreams. Please feel free to contact Sunshine Fortunes Education for free counseling.